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We offer classes for all ages and abilities. Offering a clear path from beginner to Black Belt. Golden Cobra is a freestyle school. We incorporate a variety of martial arts into our training. Our core system is based on a combination of Karate and Kung Fu, with more advanced students learning techniques from disciplines such Aikido, Jujitsu and Judo.


4&5 Years Old

Little Cobra’s Karate provides young children 4 & 5 years of age the opportunity to participate in fun activities that have a martial arts base. Your children will have a great time, learn to successfully interact with their peers, learn coordination, focus, balance and become stronger both physically and mentally.

They will have a chance to learn the value of friendship and communication skills in a fun environment while learning invaluable karate and self defence skills.

The program is specifically designed for this age group, with the classes conducted on a fully padded surface, in a safe, friendly and professional environment.

Your children will play martial arts oriented activities and games as well as many other fun activities thrown in that they are sure to absolutely love.

When they turn 6, children are invited to join our Mascot’s karate classes and continue their journey to black belt.


6-12 Years Old

In our Mascot’s Classes, primary school aged children are taught the basics of karate in a fun and enjoyable environment. Classes focus on developing skills, fitness and strength with plenty of opportunities for games to support their developing karate skills.

Important topics such as self-defence, bullying, respect and discipline are a core focus for this age group as students work to achieve the milestones leading to their next grading.

Our unique program allows all students to work together, at their own pace, in order to progress through the belt system.

We welcome enquiries for new students in our Mascot’s classes, regardless of fitness level or prior experience, and encourage interested students to come to a free trial class to try karate for themselves.


12-16 Years Old

Golden Cobra’s Junior’s classes provide a challenging and fun opportunity for teens to develop skills and fitness with their peers. A combination of formal karate and active games and drills support this age group to work towards personal fitness goals and develop strength and finesse in their karate.

Though many of our junior students are well on their way through the progression of belts, absolute beginners are welcomed into this class and the students support one another to ensure a fun and friendly karate experience for everyone.

Juniors Karate aims to foster positive social connections and support development of new friendships alongside the karate journey towards Black Belt and beyond.


Adults 16 years +

Senior’s classes welcome adults of all fitness levels, grades and abilities to train in a supportive environment.

Whether you are re-discovering the joy of Martial Arts as an adult or just starting out – our program provides a supportive and challenging environment for you to learn self defence skills and increase your fitness levels, regardless of your age.

Following a clear program of progression through the belt system, our Senior’s classes are a great way to foster new social connections and continue your Martial Arts journey. Senior’s classes often play host to a range of abilities and you will often see Black Belt students train alongside absolute beginners and everything in-between.

New members are welcome and we encourage anyone who is interested in trying karate to come along for a free trial class.


Green Belt & Above

Students who have achieved the rank of 3rd Kyu / Green Belt are invited to begin to learn a weapon.

The majority of our weapons students begin with a Bo (long staff), though we have students learning proficiency with a number of weapons including Katana, Arnis and Tessen.

Our annual club tournament includes a weapons event (Kata), and past weapons students have achieved state and national level success at ISKA and other tournaments.


All ages & abilities

A high intensity workout using a variety of boxing & kickboxing training techniques.

Learn effective boxing techniques in fun, challenging and supportive environment.

With a strong focus on fitness, these classes are structured to develop, coordination and build strength whilst improving fitness & self confidence.

Open to motivated students of all ages and abilities.


Join us for a free trial class and discover the benefits of Karate. All ages and abilities are welcome.

Call 9754 7892 or book online using the button below.